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Dental Assistant Program

Change Your Life with a New Career! DATS CAN Change Your Life!

You can become a Dental Assistant in just 10 weeks!

Classes are only eight (8) hours a week and held during the evenings from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. This means you can keep your current job and income until you graduate and enter your new profession. From start to finish, it takes just ten (10) weeks to have a new career.

You advance quickly on the job

Many people start out as dental assistants and discover other opportunities in the dental field, such as treatment coordinator, senior dental assistant or office manager.

Role of the Dental Assistant

To the patient
  • Greet the patient
  • Escort patient to treatment area
  • Seat the patient (proper dental chair adjustment)
  • Comfort the patient with conversation
  • Drape the patient
  • Describe the procedures to be performed
  • Emphasize the benefits of the procedure(s) to the patient
  • Elaborate on the dentist’s expertise to perform the procedures
  • At the conclusion of treatment, readjust chair and dismiss patient
To the doctor
  • Charting (record patient’s oral condition during dental examination)
  • X-rays (take, develop and mount)
  • Asist dentist in performing procedures on patient
  • Prepare appropriate materials for procedures to be performed
  • Sterilize instruments
  • Set up instrument trays
  • Prepare treatment rooms in compliance with infection control standards
  • Inventory dental supplies


Outstanding dynamic profession

  • Be a healthcare professional
  • Work in a highly professional environment
  • Actively interact with people all day – every day (it’s anything but a desk job!)

Outstanding employment opportunities

  • Dental assistants are in great demand – there are more than 80,000 annual openings
  • Full-time and part-time positions always available
  • Transportable profession – anywhere in the United States

Outstanding growth opportunities

  • Office manager (most office managers were dental assistants)
  • Expanded functions assistant
  • Treatment coordinator
  • Anesthesia tech
  • Specialty assistants (orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics)

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